Or: what I haven’t done yet


  • Bunny’s big girl bed quilt (um, started in Dec 2005)–need to quilt, bind. oh and wait for a weekend where it is not butt-cold and the ground is dry so I can 505 that bad boy. Update: I ordered the thread and 505’ed it today! 2-7-09 Update: I started quilting last summer–and decided I needed more room before I could work. And then I decided I didn’t want just standard meandering. I’ve since decided to unpick what I started and do this technique by Oh Fransson: Loopy Flowers
  • My granny square china blue afghan (um, started in 2003 or 2004?–I ran out of one of the blues and need to find a suitable substitute; update: hooray! I found it, so now I’m 15 granny squares shy of a full deck or a full afghan. Gotta get stitching.
  • Gorgeous blue flannels for a quilt for me. The hold up here is well, I screwed up. See, I picked a pattern because I usually never buy fabric unless I have a particular reason. But I altered the pattern a wee bit and consequently adjusted the fabric amounts. And then I ordered the fabrics online, um, 3.5 years ago. And they’ve been sitting sitting sitting. So this weekend, I pulled them out and discovered that I, uh, might have kind of thrown away my alterations to the pattern. Seriously. Sigh. So I spent forever trying to figure out how to make what I have work with the pattern that I have. And I came up with something workable, but I’m not in love. So now, I’m going to look at some other patterns and see if I can make do there. These fabrics are no longer in print and not on ebay. Sigh. I love it when I make my life difficult.
  • Some shirred headbands for bunny and me
  • A prairie nightgown for bunny.


  • Take pictures of the above projects
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Learn more about photography (so my pix don’t suck quite so much)–currently reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
  • Improve my hand-embroidery
  • Teach Bunny to hand-embroider

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