This is what my lovely sewing room looked like Sunday  morning–sort of a pretty pale blue swath of felt barf all over my sewing room. Yards of it. Why you ask?

My sweetest bunny is turning 8 next month. 8. Do you know how old that feels? Well, I’ll tell you–it feels a heck of a lot older than 7.

Work has been slow lately (yeah!!), so I’ve been taking advantage of that and getting ahead on projects. One of those projects is prepping for bunny’s birthday party. She has always chosen her own theme, rarely, if ever guided by me. Sometimes they leave me sweating (like “Strawberry”–um, baby, what about strawberries I ask her cute almost 4 year old self only to receive a puzzled look in return). We’ve done strawberries, tea party, golden ticket party, garden party (which, is, most assuredly, different than tea party) and now, wait for it–Dance Party. All I know is that there must be freeze dancing 😉

We are still at that lovely age where her party can be all girls. And for that, I thank my lucky stars because, at least Bunny and her friends, will happily craft 30-45 minutes away if I have something good planned. Enter the annual, birthday craft. This year, I decided (what was I thinking????) that I would make felt poodle skirts and the girls could cut and glue poodles onto the skirts. But then, as I was purchasing the felt (thank you Joann’s $2.99 per yard off the bolt sale), I thought–what if the girl isn’t a dog person?? And aren’t dogs well, kind of hard to cut. See, the goal is for me to prep so they keep busy, not prep so that they glue something on and call it done. No, no. So, now, we are having “flower skirts”.

I made eight of these lovelies today. All sewn up, except I have a safety pin the elastic band so I can fit to size as the girls come to the party.

Then each girl will get a large square of felt in this lovely rainbow array of colors, scissors and glue. I’ll suggest flowers, but creativity is always welcomed. I have a feeling this won’t beat last years’ record of busy making where they literally BEGGED me to keep the craft time going (painting terra cotta pots). But I think they’ll like this.

If I’m a real glutton for punishment (and I usually am), I’ll make 8 blue felt head bands that they can also glue onto to their little hearts’ content.