It took me long enough 😉 Part of the delay, other than I am a huge decorating slacker when it comes to doing anything requiring things like hammers, nails and a ladder.  However, in my defense, I had intentionally not put anything up until I decided (after trial and error) on the placement of the furniture first.

These are prints I picked up when we last were in France and did a tour of the Loire Valley chateaux.

The prints are oddly-sized, so long, long ago I got  a set of frames at Ikea that came with some “odd-sized” mattes. The problem was that the prints are black and white and the mattes were white. I hated it. The pictures swam and weren’t properly anchored. So, in a stroke of brilliance, I painted the mattes this lovely shade of blue. On a windy day, outside, without proper restraints on newspaper. So, it was a disaster. Smears and unevenness and, well, I let them sit for over a year and a half waiting to figure out what to do next.

Until today when I saw them in a cubby in my sewing room and thought: batting and fabric. Color. Lots of it. So, I whipped out ye old trusty glue gun and went to town. I think they turned out just lovely. And, since I was on a tear, I went ahead and put them on the wall… seriously, people. That had the potential to be another 6 months before getting done!







And, last weekend, I finally got my buffet of thread up above my machine. Happy, happy color.

I still have one naked wall, and some ideas, but I think that will take awhile.  (And I still can’t get a “gallery” of pictures in here properly.


I’ve been on a sewing tear–look for more in this space soon.