I just read about the handiest new feature from google reader (which I had already loved) here and here.  Turns out, google reader, in all of their “oh, we get it!” glory has made it possible for you to add a button to your browser bar that you can click at any time, without first going to google reader, and so long as you are already logged into google, it will take you to the actual web site for the unread blogs in your google reader list. How cool is that?!? All the prettiness we miss out on by reading through an aggregator is back at our fingertips.

But, wait, that’s not all. You can also get a handy dandy subscribe button to stick on your browser toolbar. I’m in love! I have a habit of cuddling up with my laptop and running through the favorite blogs some of you folks list. Invariably, I’ll have several that I want to subscribe to and it’s kind of a pain to copy that url, open google reader, paste it into the subscription area etc. Now, there’s no more need. Just click that subscribe button from whatever page you are on and voila. It’s part of your reader. 🙂 Bliss. Thanks to the folks who blogged about it.