I took a shirt that cost way too much money from Land’s End and spent an afternoon studying it and making a pattern from it. The bodice was fairly simple, with it being a fairly narrow swing top with a band of shirring through the middle for shape.  It had an interesting lining on the top of the bodice that I was never able to get to work well. I also got the shirring too, uh, shirred for lack of a better word. Oh, and the sleeves are well, let’s just say that in the original they don’t defy gravity so much 😉 Oh, and it wanted hemming… but frankly by then, I was over it.

And I have no idea what the heck is up with my photos lately either–not crisp at all. Clearly user error. 😉

In an effort to show you some process. Here are a few photos of my putting this together… Did I mention that I had to remove and resew the sleeves three times? And that two of those times it was because I sewed them on backward (wrong side out??).

Or how about how I ended up with little folds in the seam? Sigh. Not a total success.

The long and short of it is: it took freaking forever. I will make it again… later, much later. Like in the winter in preparation for next summer’s wardrobe. I think just lengthening the sleeves will get rid of the pippi longstocking look. And I’ve had a few tips recommending loosening my tension to get less “gathered” shirrs.

I think the other part of this project that became difficult is that the more it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, the less I wanted to work on it, and the more I felt “obligated” to finish it. So I didn’t allow myself to work on anything else. That was a mistake. I think from both creative and patience standpoints would have helped me out.  But I do feel proud to have done it even if I didn’t get it right. I branched out–and that is what really counts 😉

Oh, and I just received a late Christmas present last night that has changed the entire dynamic of my sewing room 😉 I’d be giddy with excitement if I weren’t so laid up with a summer cold (which are always worse than winter ones–or at least I’m much more whiney about them). Stay tuned to salivate on my next posting.