This year we were inspired by heather bailey’s Nicey Jane line–which just happened to be fresh and new when I went a-shopping for the summer skirt making.  I made one skirt that was specified by dear bunny–please make it blue, really blue (meaning, something that is vibrant), with polka dots and maybe just a few stripes. Hmmm. Well. My favorite northern quilt shop did not let me down, and I made this:

It is loosely based now on Oliver+S’s Lazy Days Skirt tutorial. Although I really use it only as a starting point for measuring initial cuts of fabric. And, it seems like I won’t be getting much mileage out of this pattern at all anymore–Bunny has officially decided that while ruffles are cool–twirlability is better. And, according to her, there’s no such thing as too twirly, which, silly me, had thought last year.

These are the three skirts made with the House on Hill Road’s Twirly Skirt pattern. Like last year, I skipped the drawstring and v-opening, but unlike last year, I made the contrasting band for the elastic. She’s in love with these–can you guess which her favorite is? Yeah, the shocking blue with the hot pink vine things running up and down. You got it in one 😉

Subsequent to picture taking day, Bunny and I were at a fabric store and she saw some yellow “bug” print as I call it in Debbie Mum’s garden line that’s out right now. It was on discount, and I had just purchased the Favorite Things Little Hip Skirts pattern–why not give it a go. I’ll be taking pictures soon and having a review of that pattern.

Now onto making a few things for yours truly 😉