Remember when I said after we painted it that I took pictures from all angles? And that I went down the hall so I could peek around the corner because I was giddy with excitement and just in awe of the warmth of the space? Yeah, well I had almost forgotten, so here is the peeking pic.

And my sewing corner there.

After working in this lovely space for a bit, I still had random fabric totally disorganized. I have all of these clear plastic tubs–have had since we lived in Texas, which was well, now 5 years ago. In our last two rentals there was, as you know, no time for sewing, but in the few moments there were, trying to keep track of what I had and where in the way of fabric, notions etc. was a joke. And the tubs were banished to a cubby hard to get to and nigh unto impossible to lift out all alone. My point being–I had 5 years + fabric, fabric from the past several years and no clear idea of where it was. So last weekend, I spent several hours (not just 2, I mean several) emptying every one of those blasted tubs and sorting fabric as you see below, kind of, into scraps, 1/4 or less, more than a 1/4 yard to just under a half, 1/2 yard to just under 1 yard, 1 yard, and more than 1 yard piles.

Then I went through and acknowledged that while I once loved Thimbleberries and still do enjoy some of it, I’m not the die hard that I was.

I feel like I’m slowly starting to come into my own with regard to style. I was a traditionalist before in both patter and colors mostly because I was so lacking in confidence about my sewing and personal style with it. So it was easy to do the “hospital corners” type of sewing where there was “the way” to do it. I’m still fairly attracted to traditional types of patterns, but I’m much more comfortable with lots of color. Even as I sifted through my fabric I would remember ordering something or buying something and cutting and starting to make something and feeling, well, uncomfortable the entire time–I think because I knew it wasn’t wha I *really* wanted to make.

Here are the post-org pix–see the tubs labelled with the different quantities of fabric?

This is my give away pile. An immense amount of fabric that I bought years ago. I’ve learned through this process that I can’t ever have a bunch of stash–evidently I’m fickle. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We won’t discuss how much money was in the fabric I gave away ๐Ÿ˜‰ But see the small tub and bags ?

There’s still more to come. My father-in-law is making me a custom cutting table 36 inches high (no more back pain!) and with a surface about 4 x6 feet. It will have shelves custom fit to be able to hold my bins on the sides and a “lip” on the end so I can sit with a stool for designing etc. I plan to affix those thread organizers to the wall and put up a few floating shelves once the table is there. So there’s a whole lot more to be done before it’s house beautiful, but it is completely functional and ready to sew in. Stay tuned for this year’s twirly skirts.