Perhaps this isn’t the best time to write up this review… as I went googling for information for you good folks, I couldn’t pull anything up related to the book without the name of the author. So I went to my public library’s site and looked it up and the entry for it has no call number or indication that it is for letting. Which usually means 1) they don’t have the book but it’s on order from the publisher or 2) it’s lost. Um, I’m feeling a wee-bit concerned here given that I had it checked out and turned it in three days ago. At the outside drive through bin thingy. Next to the hooligan teenagers of questionable hygiene practice. Sigh. Clearly, not part of the review. But still, it does make one worry.

And now for the review. Honestly, despite may or may not have happened above, I was coming here to pan it. I couldn’t finish it. It had such potential–lovely little out of the way country town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Unfortunately, everyone’s business was a tidge more convoluted than I usually have the patience for–from the outsider who moved there because she wanted to (great) and somehow successfully supports herself as a maid for several houses (not likely) and her live in daughter (also a maid) and grandson (who turns out to be the lovechild of a well-respected man in the community) to the girl who is part italian and his more or less patrician mother couldn’t deal with his choice of mate (notice that I didn’t say wife). And on and on.

I think the problem was too much jumping around from chapter to chapter. I didn’t get enough to learn to care about the characters and so couldn’t remember several chapters later what their story was when we got back to it. And Boucheron’s style was almost descriptively there. I think she wanted to achieve (at least it felt that way), a sort of Edith Warton-light–heavy on the description without describing each tine on the fork. But it got confused or cut off.

I’m feeling a little squeamy about writing this review, since I think odds are good if anyone ever goes looking for one (which is unlikely in itself though) that it will get read since there don’t appear to be any reviews of it anywhere (not even amazon)–and the book was published in 2008 after all.

I almost didn’t do the review because hey–can you really review a book you get 1/3 through and not finish? The answer, yes, I can tell you to save yourself some time. Skip it. Move on.