Mostly I liked it. It was sort of too fast of a read not to. Literally, I spent 2 hours and 10 minutes from start to finish on this puppy last night. And it kept me wanting to turn the pages. It’s not complex or sophisticated, but it was charming. Although I’m a little surprised to discover that Mary Balogh is a historical romance writer–I’m uncertain if she’s in the bodice ripper category–although there were a few things just in this book that made me think her other books might not be so tame. 😉

Set in regency England,  A Matter of Class follows a gentleman’s daughter with a failed elopment, and resulting in scandal upon her already cash-stretched daddy, the Earl. So it’s no surprise the balding rich marquess with halitosis spurns the beauty as damaged goods.  The neighboring estate has a layabout son who is trying mightily to spend the family fortune on gambling and other vices. What are two sets of disappointed parents to do? Why get them married off to each other, of course.

The story has some lovely flashbacks, and actually has enough oomph to it to give you a decent picture of the characters themselves. Generally, you like everyone you are supposed to like, sympathize with everyone whose gone and done silly things, and dislike the few you are supposed to dislike. I can’t tell you more, or I’d ruin a couple of the delightful twists.

This would be great plane-ride reading or beachfront fare for the summer. Enjoy.