That would be the name of my sewing space if I were to name it… or maybe Contentment. Seriously. I finally, finally, finally finished organizing the room (ok, not everything is all done but everything has a place and is in it šŸ˜‰ and I remember where that places is šŸ™‚Ā  So I sat down yesterday, planned bunny’s summer wardrobe and got to sewing.

Maybe it was the “gracious! it finally is warm enough to feel like a spring day” or maybe it was the perfect temperature with the perfect amount of a slightly chilled wind flowing through the window sin my bay window as I ironed some fabric. Or maybe it was the way my chair zipped across the room to a notions drawer on the hardwood. Or maybe it was the perfect paint color for the color of my hardwood floors in the soft lemony light. But whatever it was–it’s nirvana and it is in my house. Who knew?

I actually woke up this morning and became bitter thinking I wouldn’t be able to be in that room sewing up a storm today–instead having to go to work. Sigh. What a great problem though, no?

Tonight, I’ll do some sewing after work. And maybe, just maybe post a couple of photos I shot yesterday of my little piece of heaven.