In our new house, last night, I put down the first coat of the most gorgeous pale grey-green paint in the room destined to be my sewing room. it is so very lovely and all that I had hoped for–which has happened exactly once before to me in the paint color-picking lottery. 😉

After midnight (which is when you finish painting a coat when you don’t start until 8 pm because, hey, you work), I kept admiring the loveliness of the color. From in the room, from the hallway, from the corner of my bedroom where I could just peek at it down the hallway. Sigh. Dreamy.

The room is on the enormous side for a sewing room–definitely much bigger than a sewing nook, cranny or even “space.” I think it is meant to be a formal living room–for which we have no furniture and we would have no regular use. It has 12 foot ceilings with a very large bay window letting all manner of bright happy light into the space. Joy of joys, it has a hardwood floor as well–no more losing pins into the carpet only to find them after I’ve impaled my foot on them. 🙂

So, yes, a house. With room for everyone and our hobbies. I’ll keep you apprised of the painting as we go–move in should happen in the next 2-4 weeks depending on my work schedule. And finishing bunny’s quilt that I started years ago should happen our first full, non-moving, non-painting weekend in the house.