We have been house hunting–finally ready to get rid of our cracker box sized rental where I sew in the living room only hwne there is time and room to unearth my machine. Right, that’s pretty close to never.  Sigh.

We actually had found a house and put an offer in, and you can’t hold it against me if I admit that I never got past thinking fixatedly on the downstairs large bedroom  that I had declared my sewing room. I looked at paint. I draftd various layouts. I contemplated lighting changes, a flannel board–and even decided that my dear husband (and his father) would make me a gloriously large, personalized cutting table, with cubbies. This is one of my favorite posts from the domestic diva for sewing room ideas, especially this part where she links to a bazillion sewing rooms (ok, not quite that many, but still) for their colors. Swoon.

Alas, alak, we took the offer back. And are now wearily house-hunting again. And my sewing room dreams must be put to rest for a while.