I’ve discovered, rather unscientifically, that there seems to be a direct correlation between the amount and frequency of picture taking I do with the frequency of my blogging. If it ain’t happening here, it ain’t being recorded either. That by itself should be reason enough for me to endeavor to regularly blog 😉

I made this little discover this morning as I walked into my bedroom from my shower to see my sad little six-year old crosslegged on my bed, elbows on the window sill staring out of the window at the falling snow – a la Cat in the Hat. It would have made a truly awesome picture. And yet, no, nope, unuh, no camera at the ready, no camera readily findable, no extra boost of–I should really dash and find it. Nope. I just shivered and got dressed and let the incredibly adorable moment pass. Sigh. And then I realized that if I were regularly blogging, I would 1) know where the camera is at all times, and 2) have been completely excited for blogging fodder.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on what this blog is meant to be–what utility I get out of it or want to get out of it. I think it boils down to record keeping and sharing for me. I’m not a scrapbooker. That’s never going to happen for me. But I could upload my blog content to a book maker like Blurb and print off each year or logical grouping of years. I think my daughter some day might like to know what I loved and hated to make or read. Or how sometimes I was nutty or indescribably happy.  Now the bigger question is just what would inspire me to fulfill that want?