Yeah. Sigh. This was supposed to be the month where I remember that I have a blog.  What it ended up being was the month where I remembered that I had a camera… with loads of JUNE pictures from my most fabulous Parisian vacation… that remained on my camera until this very moment. The perpetual excuse of “oh, I can’t blog this or that because I can’t take/upload a picture of it.” For example, almost a month ago I bought a bunch of gorgeous fabric at my favorite LQS. And I wanted to show and tell, but well, I fell back on my “camera is full and busy” excuse. Pathetic, isn’t it. And really not so valid when you consider that I could just change memory cards.

I haven’t been reading either. Well, that’s not true, I’ve been reading fan fiction when I have the time to read at all. I’ve a new batch of novels upstairs from the library that sound interesting. Maybe I’ll get a move on those and post soon.