and that I love to write. Yeah, that would be September. Or, now. Sigh. What a summer. I can’t believe it’s all over but the weather turning much cooler. Bunny is back in school–which, oddly enough, is way more manageable for this mama than camp. Seriously, that about killed me.

So now that school has been back in for a whole week, I’m managing our first crisis of this school year: hubby’s car, his non-piece of shit Mazda 6 with less than 70,000 miles and only 6 years old died. Died as in dead. As in fork out $5000 for a new engine or forever let it hold its peace. Sigh. And cars for clunkers effectively reduced my options in car lots. Sigh. So i’ll be helping the economy along in my own sweet way some time this weekend because this family can’t make it on one car alone. And I will never buy another Mazda again. Their reaction to our issue was beyond lame–which is stupid because my last 3 cars have been Mazdas and I was super close to deciding to get another one later this year when I want to replace my piece of shit 10 year old car.

In other happy news, I am almost done with a sweet little baby blanket for a friend whose daughter is 7 months. And I started working on a version of this lovely embroidery pattern. I hate the cushion that they do, but I was thinking of making a lap quilt with 9 large embroidered blocks with this one in the center. Then I’ll do one block of each type of flower. I think. 😉

I’ll be back with pictures soon–including a lovely stack of yummy fabric I bought this weekend at my LQS’s sale.