I just realized as I picked up needle and thread for the first time in probably a month on Sunday that I am a seasonal sewing type of person. Namely, I hardly ever sew in the summer. You’d think that would be because I am out and about enjoying life. This summer, I’m billing, billing, billing. So, no not so much with the enjoying life part this year.

But, historically for me, I tend not to want something that confines me to one space, no heavy quilting, or frankly thinking all that hard while I’m piecing etc. And certainly no working on some afghan that is getting heavier and hotter by the moment.

I almost always shake out of the no-sew funk around Labor Day. Which I am looking forward to. I’m a little entertained at myself that I only ended up sewing this weekend because, wait for it, it was unseasonably cold… like late September kind of cold 😉

See, I know what I’m really made of.