darcy diary I didn’t like it. And it wasn’t good enough to merit much of a review. Of course, the usual caveat applies: I generally don’t think well of books done in diary format.

But my dislike goes beyond format.  The whole purpose of this type of format is to introduce the reader into the characters psyche, and yes that includes some deep dark secrets.  But this was just, well, well all wrong.

Ms. Slater’s Darcy is a lecher–but a lecher with a softer side. On the one hand he diddles the help on the other he catalogs his vast library by creating, wait for it, a card catalog.  He is supposedly dearest friends with the poet Byron and while he doesn’t “approve” of Byron’s general behavior, he ends up in the midst of an orgy at Byron’s manner.

The rest of the characters are off as well–Bingley is utterly spineless, much more so than the original would imply and yet he ends up with more moral character than Darcy. Understand, I am intrigued by the whole dark side potential of the brooding Darcy, but this isn’t it.

I just don’t have much more to say. It’s boring. The writing is weak. Darcy is weak. Save yourself some time and money. Pass.