So i think I’ve made all but one skirt of those that I intend to make for bunny this year. I stuck with two patterns and modified them as I went so that now, I’ve got just what both Bunny and I both like. I used House on Hill Road’s Twirly Skirt as a base for the fuller skirt and Oliver+S’s Lazy Days Skirt tutorial for a less full skirt. The best part about sewing your own is that you really can learn how to take what you don’t like and make it “better.”

I discovered after making another Twirly Skirt that it was just, well, dare I say it, too twirly. too twirlyI know I know, you’re thinking that is simply not possible, but it is. The way the pattern worked out for Bunny it seemed more appropriate for playing around the house and less so for running around camp or the playground. Erin’s pattern calls for two pieces that go selvedge to selvedge as the width… that’s 72 inches of fabric. Now, I don’t oppose the fabric usage, but I did object to as did Bunny the amount of fabric wadding up and trying to be at her little 22 inch waist.

too twirly grass

So, I tried using 1/3 less overall fabric, and it is much much better. The fabric isn’t bunched up squeezing the life out of her little tummy. Another modification I made was more for my speed rather than an issue with how it worked. Erin has you do a pseudo elastic waist plus draw string coming out at a V you leave in the waist seam. That’s a lot of effort. I eliminated it and just made the waist come together like normal. And for the final piece of laziness, I eliminated the casing made from accent fabric… This is not just a turn under and press a few times exercise. This one I’m undecided about, I love the look of the accent fabric, but the fact of the matter is that no one ever sees it because Bunny’s shirts are all longer than the waistline of her skirt and cover it up. So, while pretty, it doesn’t give me much bang for my time invested. Here’s a picture with less twirl, no V and drawstring, and no accented waistband.

I’m not sure how much Lazy Days pattern is left in my implementation.bunny fav bug skirt I never made one exactly as Liesl directs, mostly because I was a moron and then a genius. I know…. I like hyperbole. So, I initially cut her fabric without leaving on the two inches Liesl recommends for the hem and so forth. Once I realized I had done that, I looked about frantically trying to figure out how to elongate the skirt without making it look stupid… I just needed a few inches. Ruffle? Ruffler? yes! I have the Ruffler attachment for my Bernina, that I’ve mentioned before.

So I got some fabric out, ruffled it up (on the 6 setting for those of you playing at home) bug skirt ruffle detailand stitched it to the bottom of the skirt. It’s still a hair too short when you contemplate all that cross-legged sitting she will do at camp, but we’ve practiced sitting like less of a savage 🙂 Oh and I did a little fancy top stitching as I stitched it to the skirt.

bug skirt embellish

This whole ruffle thing actually turned out better for me and my sewing stash… I have almost no ribbon and so it’s easier to find matching fabric than it is go buy matching ribbon expressly for the hem band on this skirt. Bunny happens to love the ruffle a whole bunch and I always have just enough extra to make a matching, little ruffle skirt for her favorite stuffed dinosaur.

More pix of the rest of the pack later.