And I was in such a snit when I decided that it was poop, I had my daughter throw it away–so I don’t even have a picture for you. I was trying to make this shirt again, but a little larger through the back and arm hole, and with shirred neck and arm holes. Unfortunately, as I sat down to sew, the 4 x 6 card I had her measurements on, and more importantly, the cuts I made last time I made the shirt, I couldn’t find the blasted card anywhere. Really. I have sewed at least half a dozen times since I made that shirt, and each time, I have seen the card and moved it out of the way and returned it to the top of my sewing cabinet… evidently at least until the last time I sewed.

So making an excessivly long story more whiny, I don’t know how I did it, but I made a shirt that a 10 year old could easily wear. Seriously. I got as far as shirring the neck and trying to cut off excess length in the arm and bodice, but ended up cutting the bodice too short (sigh, really) before I realized that the shirt was clown-like in its hugeness on her compact frame. So i took it off of her and told her that mommy messed up and to throw it away.

So ther. That’s how I’ve wasted my Sunday afternoon.

Wait. There’s more–when I went to get the link to the first shirt I made, I could have kicked myself. I had written about doing a size 5-ish based on the tutorial’s calculations, so I needed to go up a hair. And I wrote about how the shirt seemed gigantic without the elastic but that it cinches right up. I still think it wouldn’t have worked because the bodice was so wide and I, like an idiot, was too quick to take my scissors to the length and made it a belly shirt, which I personally detest on little girls. Sigh. Grrr.