victoria victoriousNope. Un-unh. Sigh. This was another book that I started completely willing to love it, and it disappointed greatly. I think I really wanted to like it because Jean Plaidy is such a prolific author and I like most of the subject matter she treats (various historical British royalty).  But I was so put out that I’m not sure I can give her another go.

Victoria Victorious is a novel covering the life of Queen Victoria.  Now, admittedly, Plaidy uses one of my least favorite story-telling devices–the journal, and maybe that’s the source of my discontent. Or maybe it’s just Vicky herself. What a lorded over weenie. I could understand it more if she had been the first queen of England–she might legitimately feel like she would still have to be a shrinking violet. But jeez mon! Elizabeth I sort of set it up for Vicky to feel free to let her loose. And she was so, so… excessively disappointing. Was there any point in her life where she wasn’t completely governed by some man that she revered? Sigh.

So, maybe Plaidy doesn’t suck if I come out of the book hating Vicky as much as I did?? Couldn’t she have condensed it though? Seriously, it went on and on and on and on and on … you get the idea.  The diary format let it feel like one endless whine. And the inability to cut that puppy down will likely be what stops me from reading anything further from Plaidy.

I can’t think of more to rant on.  It was marginal. If you’re a Victoria fan, stay away from it, Plaidy clearly thinks similarly to me on the level of Vicky’s weenieness.

*And yes, I’ve clearly been on a reading binge. I have been sewing about every other weekend. I even have pictures taken. I even have pictures uploaded to my computer… It’s sad isn’t it.