gentle artHonestly, I went into this book thinking, I’m not gonna like it. I don’t think of myself as a super feminista, but, hey, I’m a lawyer and before that I was an “engineer” (yeah, I never could seriously take that playing on a computer is “engineer”-like). So I’m used to playing in the man’s world. And all about woman-power in that world.  In fact, no one was more shocked than I when 1) I succeeded when I taught myself to crochet (have I mentioned how that came about? mental note: story on how I got started with the textile side of life) or 2) when I wanted to do more and started eyeing quilting. Even as I learned to love and not apologize for my textile domestic inclinations, I still spurned cooking, and the like.

So imagine my surprise to read along with Ms. Brocket and think: right on sister! The Gentle Art of Domesticity is first and foremost, for me anyway, very inspiring eye-candy.  Every page is filled with giddyness-inducing photographs of projects, home-y moments and the like. And I really liked that. The next important part for me was its overall message that domesticity isn’t about perfection.  It’s refreshing to read and view passages from someone who, let’s face it, seems to have her craft mojo pretty much in the sphere of perfect tell you that is not what it’s all about.

I loved her account of her discovery of craft, her need to learn not to be an apologist for it. And most importantly how wonderful she seems to feel just going with the flow–doing the things she loves.

All that said, I got the book from my library, and I’m glad I did, but I would have been disappointed had I purchased it. It’s a wee-bit on the disjointed side, and about half-way through I started to lose interest. Maybe it’s just me and my overall interest in domesticity. But I think it just isn’t something that will stick with me.

I’d recommend anyone getting it from the library and enjoying leafing through it on a rainy afternoon. And if you are a coffee-table kind of girl, then you might want to buy it because the pictures are lovely and you would enjoy them again and again.

My overall rating: better than I thought. Much better.