You might have heard an echo of that some time late last week. The end of my billable hours year is rapidly approaching–other atty types will understand then why I’ve lost my mind. There has been zero time for relaxing, reading, sewing, embroidering, crocheting, watching. Truly truly. The only bit of down time I’ve had, up until the last day or so has just beeen where my thought processes have flatlined. I can’t concentrate on any one thing outside of work for very long. I thinkit’s exhaustion. So because of that, it’s been dull as tombs around here lately. Sorry about that. I am more than half way through three, count them three (thank you lack of attention span) books that hoperfully I will polish off, oh, any time now.

I’m on a “sortof vacation”. What is that you say? That is a vacation I planned in my naivete and innocence before I realized it woul be the end of my billable year. Sigh. So the fam has been going off frolicking while I work. But I”m working less, and I’m working in a fabulous location (although any place not my office at the moment is a fabulous location!). Maybe I’ll get around to posting a blanket I finished a month ago.?. Or maybe, I’ll play a few games with the fam. We’ll see.

At any rate, expect low posting for a while.