Bunny’s first big girl quilt has been a disaster. And it is totally my fault. A lot of learning went on, but a lot of stupid decisions were made (see that passive voice? I still don’t want to own up to it).

Design. Change. Input from Bunnywhen she’s in the midst of changing her favorite color. Nothing is harmonious colorwise. Now I don’t know if I can even use the blasted thread that bought. And sweetheart that she is, she really, really wants some of my fancy stitches on that quilt. And don’t get me started about the perfectly evenly spaced polka dots and how I will never work with them again.

I’ve finally just layered it for quilting, which was also not so perfect. Sigh, I bought just BARELY enough backing, so when I 505’ed the layers together, there was really no room for error, not by even a small bit. Add to that a “clean” front porch for spray basting + windy conditions + dead leaves from heaven only knows where and that = the layering is off. My initial reaction is fine, the borders will be trimmed down and it will work. But I think that probably won’t work because the backing is fairly directional. Sigh. Thank heavens for 505’s ability to let you pull apart and reposition a few times. I’ll be testing out that particular boast of that product this time around. Sigh. mess.