austencountryAusten Country is an hour-long documentary into, well, a bit of everything: locations of her novels and where she lived and visited. For being recently released, the cinematography feels very old school 80’s with little in the way of lovely eye-candy.

I thought it was boring and somewhat disjointed despite the fact that it tracks her movements in the chronological order of her life. The narrator’s voice grates and his cadence is just appallingly bad. It makes the whole film seem as though it sometimes starts going in slow motion. From time to time there are voice overs of a woman reading Jane Austen’s letters to Cassandra and vice versa. Again, what is with the voice talent. The women’s voices don’t grate as much, but it just seems off.

Overall, the video is a bust. Despite my love of all things Austen, this one doesn’t make the grade. Get it free from your local library if you must, but don’t spend good money on it.