clotildeAm I being too picky lately? Maybe, but I didn’t really like this one either. That being said, my husband (who is an excellent chef and lived in Paris for a time) liked it well enough.

Clotilde’s Edible Adventures is a series of reviews of different eateries in Paris. There’s the occasional anecdote and the occasional recipe. I was underwhelmed. As someone who lived in France for awhile (never Paris though), I have a certain affinity for reading about scrumptious French food.  The scrumptiousness here was missing. I think my beef with it was that she seems to enjoy places that are “edgy” or “eclectic.” Fine, well, and good. But I really detest food that is a little bit odd just for the sake of being “cutting edge.” I’m much more appreciative of a Julia Childs type of fare: down-home or fancy french cooking, but classic. Maybe I’m narrow-minded. Maybe I’m old-fashioned. Maybe I’m missing out. Maybe, but I doubt it.

Ironically, I’ll be a dissenter from the masses on this one and not like it. It did not make me long to be back in Paris or to beg my husband to cook. I would think that the logical conclusion of reading such a book.