embroider-handbookI looked over several A-Z type embroidery stitch books and am thoroughly delighted with the one I purchased. The Embroider’s Handbook is a lovely glossy book with pictures galore of every stitch you can imagine, includling some ribbon-work.  Each stitch has a series of anywhere from 5-10 photographs  showing you step by step how to make that stitch. There is usually a small photo of a finished work using that stitch as well.

This is not a pattern book, so if that’s what you’re after–look elsewhere. But short of getting on needles ‘n things for a video demo of a stitch or visiting your Aunt Matilda and having her show you, this book is fabulous. I have yet to go wrong with it on any of the stitches that I have tried.  And it’s equally accessibly for newbies as advanced stitchers.

I really think this book’s strength is in its clear, close photographs. It seemed that almost all of the other stitch dictionary/encyclopedia/bible type of books had drawings and few of those.

The one drawback to this book is that it is not spiral bound. It would be awfully nice to have it stay open to the right page as you work. But it is a soft-back and it is relatively bendable. I usually used a couple of binder clips on it to hold it open.