So Sunday didn’t end up being a skirt-making day, but it did end up being a shirt-making day and quiche completely from scratch day, and cleaning and organizing day. And boy, was I tired!

I used IndieTute’s peasant shirt instructions using some better quality but still on sale plain white muslin for this one, just in case because I have been known, especially recently to waste perfectly good, nice, expensive fabric with silly cuts that are undoable.

Poor Bunny was not thrilled with the number of times I called her away from her stuffed friends tea party, magic tree house book, and tinker bell play tree to try on the shirt as I constructed it. sans elasticWithout the elastic in, it looked wrongly large to me, but after the elastic went in, it shrank right up.

Based on a combination of Indie’s suggestions for sizing up the pattern  the pattern and Bunny’s measurements, I ended up cutting something close to what Indie’s size 5 would be, which is interesting because Bunny is in a loose fitting 6 for store bought clothes. I paid close attention to how much I cut from the length of both the sleeves and the bodice (well over 3 inches from the bodice). I had my “oops” cutting moment  after I measured the sleeves before sewing the hem and adding the elastic. The shirt should have been about 3/4 inch longer in the sleeves based on what I thought was the “best” measurement but then I went and cut the hem when it was doubled up. Sigh. I was  afraid that the length it ended up would be odd.

But I actually think it turned out fine.

february-2009-357 back view

Indie says it should take about an hour, and now that I know exaclty what she means in her instructions, I could probably crank out a few assembly line style in about an hour. Oh, and I dusted off my serger for this one which made it go extra lickety split.

Next time around, I’m going to take a crack at an A-line shape instead of the boxy shape and make the arm holes a little deeper. It fits right now, but on the tighter side of fitting… so it won’t likely last the whole summer.

After I decided that it had turned out well enough, I decided white was boring and that Bunny needed a little viny addition and a couple of kittens (viny pattern in Doodle Stitching, cats from Sublime Stitching). I think the kittens turned out OK. The little one’s whiskers are going to be redone I think. And the viny looking split stitch with lazy daisies over the hem was painful on my hands, especially since it obviously doesn’t hoop that well. Lesson learned: I will do any long hem embellishments with one of my fancy Bernina 440 sewing stitches next round 🙂

kitty close uppeasant shirt plus embroidery

*BTW–does anyone know how to post two or three pix side by side in wordpress? I can only ever get them stacked like in this post.