We ventured out to that great northern town last weekend that I love so dearly that also, coincidentally I’m sure, has my favorite fabric shop in my state. Bliss I tell you. Bunny and I spent a good hour plus perusing their new spring lines and I kept thinking: what project could I use this in? again, and again. Then it hit me. Clothing for the bunny! I made her a twirly skirt at the end of last summer so she didn’t have too many good days with it last year. Happily it was a skidge on the bigger side and she can wear it again this summer.

Anyhoo, as I was accumulating fabric bolts as we wandered through the store, I thought, you know, I should do more than just the Hill Road twirly skirt. I should branch out, maybe try the grand revival one, maybe the one from Kuky. And then I thought: skirts? what about a shirt–like this peasant blouse? what about knit? And then folks, I just succombed to the illness that I like to call “Big Ideas.” So I left the store with, uh, quite a haul in fabric all justified by thinking I would make at least half of Bunny’s wardrobe for the summer.

So fast forward to this afternoon when I finally had a moment to myself and I started reviewing the patterns for these other skirts and the peasant blouse and began to doubt my mad sewing skills. But the beautiful fabrics beckoned to me and I thought: I can do this. I don’t need to be afraid of these patterns. So I grabbed my 40% off coupon for Hancock’s and ran down to the store to pick up some cheap muslin. The only way I’ll feel comfortable doing this is if I make a mock up one in “throw-away” fabric first. It’s a fact. It’s who I am. I’m embracing it.

So, if all goes well tomorrow, I will have one peasant blouse and possibly a grand revival tiered skirt made in a lovely white muslin, that I hope will fit Bunny. The other benefit I see to my doing this other than stopping beng scared of screwing up my pretty, expensive fabric, is that I am bound to learn a wee bit about garment construction. I have to with the peasant blouse because the instructions are not sized for a kid anywhere near Bunny’s size. So, look for mock up show and tell here soon. (Tomorrrow nigt even!).  Oh, and if I’m really clever and the mock up’s work out properly without too much adjustmet to those, I could do some pretty embroidery on them and count them as part of her wardrobe. 🙂 I’m just giddy about this (which is almost always the phase that comes immediately before the swearing phase with me and sewing clothes :))