So, this floss roll is working fine so far (despite the ugly visible stitching ;)), but it’s not the “everything I wanted it to be that I had hoped it would be.

I’ve found that it’s great to have my floss organized and at hand, but I also tend to be a migratory embroiderer… a little in bed, in my daughter’s room while she plays or read, on the front porch the 1 warm day we’ve had in the past 4 months, downstairs in our tv room, on my couch in our living room, and in the car. You see where I’m going with this, no? Well, I always need my needs, threader, and scissors too, and that results in needing another container.

So I got to thinking, maybe I could make something that zips with a larger part that folds up and snaps to carry the colors I need for a specific project. With that in mind, I sat down to start doodling ideas–and became frustrated almost instantly. 1) I can’t draw; really, truly, my 5 year old draws better than I do and 2) I’ve never tried to make anything from scratch before where I needed to be precise with my measurements, and 3) I’ve never sewed a zipper, ever.

None of those reasons is a showstopper, but they certainly complicate the project. So I think step one is for me to make a wristlet that seem to be so popular these days. That will teach me how to do a zipper and help me see what kinds of calculations go into determining zipper length and so forth. After I’ve done that I can see about what it would take to add channeled fabric to hold skeins that would fold and snap closed so the whole thing would be the same size as the wristlet. At least that’s what I’ve envisioned.

Happily this all jives with my resolutions for the year because I have a feeling that sewing zippers will require more precision on my part and the end result will go toward creating something new from my own brain and creativity.