tinkerbellFabulous movie. I just watched it with bunny and we both loved it. In fact, I’m oddly disappointd that this went straight to DVD because it is so much better than the crappy movies they usually run in the theater for the early elementary set.

I should disclose that I was not previously a huge Tinkerbell fan. I’ve always that that she was rather a snotty, horrible creature, so I went into this movie with no high hopes. But it’s delightful. The animation is simply lovely, lots of eye candy with creativity to turn the most mundane objects in nature into a magical fairy land. The music is perfec with kind of a celtic feel to it… let’s say that if my car stereo hadn’t been stolen last year (which it was) and if I had replaced it (which I haven’t) and if my kid had the music for Tinkerbell on CD (which she doesn’t), I wouldn’t mind in the least listening to it.

But the very best part about this movie is the lesson: we all have different talents that we are born with and can develop. Everyone’s talents are different and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to wish for what another can do because you think it’s (insert adjective here) than yours. Tinkerbell is essentially a type of fairy engineer and her job isn’t just to “decorate” the world… it’s to make useful things. Can I tell you how much I love this message as the mother of a young girl. Most things that girls are exposed to these days seem to be shouting about being a decoration: be more beautiful, be a twig, be a red head, be a fashion plate, smile pretty… but Tinkerbell’s gift is to think… to see how things could be put together to make something new. A whole generation of women mechanical engineers could come from this! It certainly has inspired Bunny to “Tinker”.

The other thing that I really loved was the hard lesson that sometimes, the most beautiful one of all has only that–beauty. no kindness, no thoughtfulness, no love. Only selfishness. And that, no matter how prettily packaged, is very, very ugly.

So go Disney on this one. You finally (after how many years of just total trash???) got one right.