I’m noticing a cycle wherein about every 2-3 months, I really jones for features not provided by wordpress.com. Don’t get me wrong. I like it here. In fact, I love it here, which is why i usually talk myself down from the ledge and decide to leave things as they are. What’s wrong with free, right?

What I really wish for are small, stupid things, but yet those small, stupid things that would really give my blog, any blog, more of it’s own personality. I hate that I can’t use my own (or anyone else’s) wordpress theme. The handful of ones you can choose from are just too, well boring for the most part and not what I want. I would also love to use a couple of things that have javascript–like a librarything linky or even an amazon one (although, I understand more why they don’t allow that one). It’s the little things, you know.

But besides the cost of getting my own domain and host, and having to deal with a larger wordpress package from wordpress.org, i would really really miss the tag community for wordpress.com. I get decent traffic because of it, and that’s too much to give up at this point.

Mind you, despite these really small gripes, I love it here much more than I did at blogger–and at blogger I could do the stuff that I can’t do here, for free. But I’m still not making another blogger blog. And typepad isn’t really all that attractive for what I want to do. So here at wordpress.com shall I stay. And hope that the engineers will be able to open it up just a wee bit more here and there.