Um, how about shockingly bad? For a start? Sigh. Three hours of my life I won’t get back; that’s for damn sure.

This horrid sequel to Pride and Prejudice can only claim to be the sequel if Elizabeth Bennet was destined to turn into the ridiculous, fluttering creature that is her mother. I never thought of her as a jump-to- conclusions kind of girl in the real story–over-eager to believe the worst in someone, if it suits her, sure. But insipid, guarded, able to hold her tongue when she shouldn’t. No. I kept waiting for her to shout out “My poor nerves!”

The entire story is inconsistent. The plot line moves along in fits and starts, magically advancing many days and significant events in the space of a page, while dawdling horribly several pages to represent the space of a few hours. There are a few additional characters that Ms. Tennant adds here, but that are all abysmal.

Ridiculous. That’s the sum. Don’t read it. Don’t buy it. And don’t borrow it from your library. Resist the temptation, no matter how much of a Pride and Prejudice geek you are. This can only grossly disappoint. The review snippets giving it a rave on Amazon must be for some other book. Oh, and don’t be deceived, Ms. Tennant republished this story under the name: Pemberley: Or Pride and Prejudice Continued. Eschew them both!