I found a pattern for headbands that a couple of folks had raved about and thought I’d give it a try. I recently cut my daughter’s hair to just above the shoulder and she likes to wear headbands at that length.

One of the draws to this pattern was that it is reversible. Here are the finished products:


Bunny is in a polka dot phase right now, so:

headbands-2I made them all with $1.50 fat quarters from my LQS who was having a big Christmas-we-are-redecorating sale. I don’t know if you can see it well, but on the light blue one with the white dots, I tried putting a decorative stitch on as the edge stitch. And I think it’s pretty, and I will do it again, but I got really frustrated with myself and it when I had to unpick the blasted decorative stitch to increase the elastic. Oy! Seriously, unpicking straight stitches is bad enough but a fancy feather stitch about sent me over the edge. Oh, and I used pellon fleece as the facing instead of the fusible stuff the author recommends. I’m really happy with that because it gives them a softer feel and less home-made look.

The only think I don’t really like with this pattern is the naked elastic, but that’s easily covered if i wanted to.

Shortly after unpicking for the third time (sizing issues with her small head and me trying to do them secretly for Christmas), I found this tutorial. They aren’t reversible and I’d probably spend an extra 5 minutes to add a little more shape to them similar to the ones above. But gosh, that looks super easy. I was thinking that if you picked the right colored matching elastic bands, they would look super cute. Go here for several props to this tutorial and finished pics. The draw back is that you need to make certain that the elastic bands are good quality. I tend to buy the Target specials and they break with relative ease.