I’m generally not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions… I usually think they are destined to failure simply because you make them because its “time” to make them and not because you feel a deep need within you to stop/start doing x, y, z. I like book goals set on a yearly basis otherwise I’ll read mostly trash and little of that and when I was in school, I’d set those goals at the end of the academic year. Now that I’m out of school again, I’ve gone back to calendar year simply because it’s easy.

All that said, I think a few sewing/creating goals are in order to get me out of my rut and expand my horizons.

  1. Keep up my embroidery. I just started this a few months ago, and I find it highly therapeutic. I have a book of stitches on its way from amazon coming any day now, and just snatched a bunch of floss from Hancock’s on a super sale. I will complete at least one project a month (no matter how little).
  2. Learn to be patient enough to sew with more precision. I’m almost 100% self-taught. I never had sewing in school at any level. Therefore, there are some thigns that I just can’t “see” when I’m constructing something. I think I’m way to pattern dependent but then I’ll be lazy and try to fashion a short cut that doens’t make sense for the constructing that I’m doing. So here, my goal will be 1) if i’m using a pattern–to make one of whatever it is without any deviation from the pattern before going on my own merry way and 2) to pay close attention to the steps when I’m sewing stuff so that I can really learn to understand how things should be put together. This way, I’ll learn what I think is good or bad and so forth.
  3. Create something new from my own brain once a quarter. No pattern. I can review similar patterns to understand construction, but I’ll figure out measurements, and anything else. My first project will be an embroidery floss organizer/holder thingamabob.

And that’s all. Something to do monthly, quarterly, and something to keep in mind anytime I sew. Doable. Succeedable. And not heinous.