Honestly, it’s just a life funk, you know? There are a million things to make, do, or repair, but nothing feels inspiring and fun. I spent a few hours last Sunday swearing at myself while sewing on buttons to various items of clothing and unpicking the hems from my daughter’s school uniform to let them down an inch (the inch she grew the first month of school). I spent a lot of time swearing that day as I kept screwing up my blind hem. I was just having a difficult time seeing the big picture, you know? I unpicked about a million miles of stitches… oh and had to unpick bunny’s new Christmas headbands because I managed to make two of the three too tight. I hate unpicking.

In fact, I hate unpicking so much that as I did it, I started thinking about the novel I will one day write and how that will be featured somewhere in the book.

We just took the tree down today, and my husband is amenable to re-arranging the how in any way I see fit to create a “sewing space” that is more than this sad corner I showed you earlier. I think that it will really help to not have to unearth three spaces to be able to open my sewing cabinet.

I also finally just gave in and stopped crocheting the baby blanket I have started now three times. I picked a pattern that isn’t difficult but I discovered it was too reminiscent of the baby-blanket-that-would-never finish. I twas a gorgeous bubbly blanket but heaven help me I hated the very sight of it by the time I was done with it. It felt like I worked on it and worked on it and worked on it and it never got bigger. In any case, the one I was most recently working on was shaping up to be the same. I need relatively instant gratification. So I pulled it all the way out and started on this gorgeous lacey looking number that I have made a couple of times already. And what do you know, I’ve already got as much as I had on that other one. Sigh. And it’s a good thing too because my friend is due late this month but she is having that baby any day now. Oy!

On the reading front, I usually have a rather healthy wait/hold list for me at my local library, so I don’t usually worry about finding new books because I have a million that will trickle in. And an odd thing happened this month: I ran out. I scratched my head and wandered through the fiction stacks and felt uninspired. I usually have 2-3 books going at once… to suit whatever mood I’m in. So I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and spent about 30 minutes wandering through their fiction section writing down names of authors and books that looked/sounded interesting, then I looked them up on Amazon and put several on my hold/wait list. And I feel much better 🙂

Tomorrow I’m off and having a mommy daughter date day. We will embroider a bit together in the morning; maybe I’ll get a few shots of our works in progress.