That is what my best friend from law school and I exchanged for Christmas. And it was wonderful. It was the kind of girl gabbing that leaves you smiling, satisfied, and with a slightly sore throat and hoarse voice.  I’m all talked out. I am pretty sure that with another half an hour of chit chat over the dinner table we would have made some serious in-roads toward a plan for world peace.

Why are women seemingly wired to require talking thing through to get to the bottom of a problem? I don’t see a lot of guys needing to do this.  I ended up chatting with her about the same thing I had a serious discussion with my husband about a couple of nights ago. And between the two conversations, I feel much more hopeful and much more clear-headed than I did before. I think I know where I stand and where I don’t want to stand on a few professional fronts. And I cannot tell you how relieved I feel right now. Actually I can. So relieved, that as soon as this post is done, I’m going to go to bed. And what’s more, I know that I will go right to sleep.  None of this laying around wondering , worrying and so forth business that I’ve been doing for a while. So there.

Friends are truly a great gift. And I’m glad my friend and I decided to share our gift of friendship over a meal for Christmas this year.