I’m not trying to get a job with the Times here folks. So don’t expect anything other than my thoughts and reactions. I am sometimes easily entertained and other times hard to please… lately, it seems like I’ve been more in a hard-to-please place.

Also, because of my approach to reading, I won’t be writing a cliff notes version of the storyline in my reviews. I will link to wiki articles to the book, author and so forth, but I personally don’t ever read anything concrete about the story before I read it. I never understood people who do, or people who read the last page or chapter of a book first. 9/10s of the fun of reading is being taken on a wild ride. The ride isn’t all that wild when the lights are on and you can see what is coming before you.

I hope for these reviews to be a couple of things: 1) a warning or enticement to others and 2) a way to keep track of what I’ve read and what I thought when I read it.  I’ve discovered over the years that books have different meanings to me, entertain me less or more depending on the stage of life in which I read them.