I just laughed so hard I almost gave myself an asthma attack and almost pee’d my pants. Seriously hard laughter. Laughter is good. That kind of laughter I fully believe adds years to your life. And yet, I so should not have done it. But I just couldn’t control it. Poor bunny.

Hopefully, in the morning, she will have no recollection of having 1) sleep-walked, 2) taken off her pants and pull up, 3) put her pull up in the shower, 4) wandered into the living room by the book case and 5) our having awakened her before she could piddle on the floor. Of course, when we first found her all we knew is that she was naked from the waist down and about to pee on the floor. So you’ll hve to excuse me that as I watched my husband go around the house looking for her pants and finding them no where, and then my finding htem in the shower, I just lost control and changed from concerned mommy into laughing hysteria.  And heaven help me, but if she remembers it she will so know that I was laughing in her general direction. We’ll add this to the therapy bill she will one day present me.

So here I sit, debating as to whether to get her and bring her to our bed tonight in an effort to assuage my guilt. And yet, I’m still snickering a bit from time to time.

I’m really tired. Can you tell?