Bunny lost her first tooth a few days ago. She was delighted with the whole toothfairy concept and told me that she had heard a flutter and saw a shadow in the night. I think that’s the best part about this age–the willingness to believe in things whole-heartedly and let the magic take over. Of course, that’s not without its pitfalls too.  Last night we were waiting in the car for a while for something and I guess she had been looking t the gaping hole in my dashboard from where some idiot broke into my beater car about 9 months ago to steal the 10 year old, low-end factory installed stereo.  We have talked about my asking Santa to buy me some new “music” for my car this year. Her idea. Well, she mentioned again last night, and I said, well mommy might ask for a new fancy camera instead.  Without mising a beat, she said that I could ask for both and that she knew I had been pretty good this year, so i might get both. Seriously, how does that not melt the heart? Well, I just went on with my usual: we’re frugal sort of speech. That would cost too much, blah, blah, blah. And clever girl that she is said: “but mommy, they’d be from santa clause.” Uh, whoops. That is what we were talking about after all. I quickly back-peddled and said that adults had to pay Santa for their presents… the thrill was not knowing what you would get ??? And that Santa needs help to pay for his supplies and so forth. She bought it but man, that was a close one.

My own mother is in town for a little bit. I did not have a good realtionship with her growing up. And have only had a good relationship with her at times during my adulthood, but it’s still good to see her from time to time. Bunny adores her. Every time she comes though, i can’t help wondering what to do so that bunny and I are never the way my mom and I are.