Well duh, you’re saying. I know. Sigh. Here it is 4 days after my post a day challenge acceptance post. Life blew up at me, actually mostly work. And then moreso today.

Firm politics blow. Badly. I can’t say much clearly. But let us say that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got screwed. So screwed that I am reasonably certain that it is not in the least bit hyperbolic for me to say that my career at my current firm is over. Sure, I can work there for a few more years, but I will never ever make partner there. Ever. Too dramatic, you say? Surely not, you say? You’re sniffing glue, I say. Truly, truly. Horrible awful no-good terrible day. It can’t be undone. It won’t be forgotten. Ever.

When I get done busting my ass for some deadlines (although query why now? the reference? I don’t think so), I’ll pop back in. I’ve got a new goal for the month. I clearly cannot post every day. And frankly, I don’t have enough to say to merit that. But I can make a goal to post 12 times in November. That’s enough to make this place a little more interesting, me a little more sane, and deliver what I can deliver.

Yes I can.