The answer is: I just don’t sew much more than a few hours each weekend. Sigh. I recently went back to full time work. Well, I’m a lawyer, so more than full-time work. By the time I get home, spend time with my daughter and get her to bed, well, I’m about half an hour behind her getting to sleep. When I used to work full time it wasn’t a big deal to sew for just 20 or 30 minutes in the evening. Unwind a little, make a little progress. But that was before this:

Yup, that’s my “sewing space” in our house. My cabinet, on which I keep my current projects and fabric (looks awesome in the living room when company comes over, don’t you think?). I put the pile on the couch when I work, take over our dining table and open my cabinet. The set up, if the living room and dining table are already clean (um, as if), takes about 10 minutes. So you can see how if I only have 20-30 minutes, I’m not going to sew. Especially when you consider it takes about 5 minutes to put everything back as it was.

When I worked before, we were in a different state with our own house, and it wasn’t huge but it wasn’t a postage stamp sized place either. I had what should have been the “family” room as my sewing room. I had no real appreciation for it then. There, I would leave the ironing board up in its place, I had a cutting table that we had rigged up at a good standing height. My cabinet, with plenty of room around it to open it in place and several storage drawer/dolly things that had everything I needed at hand. Now, if I need a snap, I have to go in the basement and rummage through  a box. We have no extra space… in fact, we have “negative space”. Everything encroaches upon everything else. And it makes me a wee bit cranky. Sigh. Alas, since the market is doing oh-so-well these days, we are disinclined to move to more space either renting (as we do now) or buying (as we did then.)

One day. One day I’ll have my super deluxe sewing room back. Or even just a corner of a proper room would do.