Yeah, I know, I’m behind, but we don’t have cable, and I wait and get them from my local library. I heart my local library.

I’m torn. I have been since some time in early junior high school an avid Tudor fan. I read everything there was to read in the way of fiction and non-fiction accessible to me at my local library long before the Tudors were a curiosity again (well, duh, clearly there have been more books written throughout the ages about them than I have read, but I’m talking about “modern” stuff). So I know my Tudor history. And Henry VIII was really not a fabulous king by any stretch of the imagination. But he was bold. And I like that.

Too much sex. That’s my first thought. Ok, well Henry actually probably had too much sex as well, but I don’t really need to see (or hear) all the gory details about everyone else’s sex life too. If you can get past the gratuitous sex, then almost all the major playors really deliver. Sam Neil as Cardinal Wolsey–never in a million years would I have said, yeah, him, he should play that guy. But wowy. He does an awesome job. I am most impressed with the actresses who play Queen Katherine and Lady Anne Boelyn. You see the tragedy in Katherine’s position and how much she really did love Henry. And you see the allure, the appeal, and the frightening amount of influence that Anne had over him as long as she kept her legs crossed.

Most of the episodes are fabulously well-written, but there were definitely a few in there where I wondered, just where are you taking this? And it either came up later in some small disjointed way or just didn’t ever again. And I really hate that.

The costuming and sets are incredible and frankly one of the best parts about the series. It’s so rich, so full of eye candy.

If you’re new to Henry and his harem, do take a few grains of salt here and there with the story line, since hey, the writers definitely do.

While this is mostly a positive review, I guard my time fairly jealously when it comes to TV watching, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll watch the next season. By the end of this one, the only really interesting bits going were Wolsey’s downfall and Katherine’s despair. Anne and Henry do it, so that’s all I anticipate seeing much of for the next season. And various other people doing it. A few people will also do it a lot. And some people will throw tantrums. See? I liked the first one, but didn’t love it. I’d have to love it to commit to more seasons.