I just finally had a moment where I wasn’t so freaking exhausted that i could think about popping over here for a moment. When i saw the date of my last post! Wow! That was longer than i would generally like. But well, life gets in the way. This time it’s work life.

This week has been an adenture into what I like to think of as litigatory hell. I hate litigation. I am not a litigator. I do banking law with some corporate stuff mixed in. I like forms, agreements, clauses, deals, negotiation, order, planning, puzzling together the ultimate deal. I like spending other people’s money to get them something: equipment, building, return on investment, company etc. I do not like to argue about things that seem pointless. I do not enjoy trying to research and then write court briefs on stuff I know is a loser.

SEriously, I don’t know how litigators do it day in and day out. I’ve been killing myself the past few days in a discovery dispute on something that I think we should lose. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there is no way in hell that a sane or otherwise not on drugs jury would ever find for my client. But, they’re the client. So I have to pretend liek there is a remote chance in hell that we will win. And I hate that.

How does a business gal like me get roped into a messy discovery battle? Lack of more junior associates who are litigators, that’s what. My firm’s been hemoraghing litigators for months. They keep replacing the IP ones–and they are sacred cows that would never be sullied with general commercial litigation. Sigh. Super sigh. It sucks being low-associate on the totem pole.

I plan to post the beginning of a crocheted blanket gone wrong (everyone can learn from my mistakes) and whatever else might suit my fancy.