And figuring out how to get close ups of my sewing: check, check, check. This is the middle of me doing a buttonhole. My machine (which I still need to name, but we’re still getting to know one another) can do automagic buttonholes and remember them for later. So I bought my daughter a pettiskirt last year (yes, I could make one, but not without a lot of swearing over that chiffon) and it supposedly came with an “adjustable waist,” which to that designer meant a button in one button hole. To me, adjustable would mean many button holes. So I made 5 more. The foot looks kind of intimidating but it’s just so bulky because it does this neat slide, ratchet thing as you sew.

Do you see the red mark on the left and then a smaller one on the inside of the frame? You measure the button, set it on the outside red mark, then just press the backwards button when the two red marks match up. It remembers where it started from and will sew the rest for you. Thereafter, you just position the fabric where you want the button hole and push down on the pedal while you look around the room bored, waiting the whole few seconds it takes to finish. 🙂

I also put a border on a couple of quilts today. The first is this small, blue, table-top thing. I’m not in love with it. I don’t think that I ever was, so why I started on it, I couldn’t tell you but. Here it is, and it is so almost done, that it would be a shame to not finish it. As I was sewing it and looking at it hatefully, I remembered that my mom is closing on a new house the end of this week and tada: housewarming gift. It’s right up her alley with those stars and stuff.

When I was done with that quick border, I moved on and put the two borders on my daughter’s first big girl quilt. This quilt has been a trial and I’m only in the mood to talk about the border tonight. I’ve got the photographic documentation of the drama that I’ll include some other day. In any case, I remembered that I had my new fancy quilting foot to try out too. My machine came with a 1/4 inch foot, but this other one has a special lip on the right side.

See it? So that it’s even more of a guide for the fabric. I used it for my double border on her quilt, and I’m in love. It was so, so easy. I have a real tendency to do too much of a scant quarter inch on all quilting instead of a proper quarter inch, so it was delightful to feel like I could scooch the fabric over to the right and it would stop me from going too crazy.

I’ve added a few pictures to some works in progess over on that page for the curious ones. And I’ll leave you wondering just what I’m going to do with this: