🙂 That’s me right now… since early Saturday morning. Once again, the fam travelled to that lovely town north of us, but this time it wasn’t just for fun and games, oh no, it was for this beauty.

I have coveted this machine since I discovered it about a year ago. Do you hear my heart going pitter patter? I am the proud owner of a Bernina Aurora 440QE. I did not get the embroidery addition. Just the lovely lovely quilting edition with the most important: Bernina Stitch Regulator. It is so nifty because you can add the foot to your machine and it will make nice even stitches when you are free-motion quilting. Sigh. So fab. I’ll rave more about the machine later, but here are some gratuitous pictures of settling my new toy into its new home.

As I chatted with Spouse this weekend about sewing, my likes and dislikes, what I think my strengths and weaknesses are, I discovered that my greatest sewing weaknesses are 1) I’m too hesitant to try something unless I’m almost certain it will work out and 2) I’m too reliant on the pattern and tend to freak out if there’s a mistake. Let’s explore these failings, shall we?

First, I don’t know if it’s the potential wasted time or the potential waste of expensive fabric or impatience or just yellow-belliedness but I hesitate to try sewing new things. It’s sort of like eating out at your favorite restaurant and never varying what you order: you know you like that and what if you order something else and you don’t. The problem with that is that you miss out on new things–new things that might even be better. So with my new machine, I’m going to not be afraid to try new things and look forward to laughing at the inevitable disasters that I will eventually produce. I’m missing out on making some really groovy stuff!

Second, I’m an instruction addict–most probably because I used to write instructions (that’s boiling it down perhaps too much, but hey) in a past life, and I heart them. I love steps that are logical, that flow, and that neatly help me create. And I get really bent out of shape when there is an error in the instructions or it’s written in such a way that I don’t really understand what the author meant. (It’s the same way for me and cooking.) The thing is, though, I don’t try to visualize while I read. I don’t see the big picture of how several sewing steps work together. Because of that, I don’t realize as I get started on a new project that the funky directions I don’t understand for straps are moot anyway because I can just do them the way that I liked from x,y, z pattern. And most importantly, I can’t really branch out and make something that is truly my idea. So I’ve realized that I need to start thinking visually and not be afraid to alter stuff that doesn’t make sense (which will undoubtedly yield the kind of mistakes I mentioned above) or to do something differently because I like it better.

This probably sounds like ridiculous training wheel level sewing, and it kind of is, but I’m 100% self-taught and I think it’s probably normal. One of these days, I’ll have to share how I got into sewing in the first place. You’ll laugh; I always do.

In an effort to do new things and because I HAD to, the first thing I did with my spiffy new it-can-almost-wash-your-dishes machine was a boring blind hem and top stitching project on my daughter’s school uniform pants.  I had done exactly one blind hem before in my life and that was with the free class I got with the purchase of my first sewing machine 10 years ago. I have now officially done 5 🙂

Finally, tangentially, kind of, I had taken a few photos of the whole blind hem stitching but alas, alack, my camera does not seem to want to focus that close in (well, I’m sure it will but I have to figure out how to make it do that), so my apologies for the bad/no pics that may be included in the next few posts.