We had another fabulous weekend in that same small town north of us. I’m so in love with their Gardener’s Market. I’m trying to figure out if the value in time and gas STILL make it cheaper than going to our local Farmer’s Market. I don’t like ours. It’s 80% crafty crapt and 10% crap you can eat now with only about 10% farm produce that is outrageously priced. My spouse says its because they are catering to the yuppie hipster set. He’s probably right. Of course, he is starting to get that we are leaning toward yuppie hipsterism ourselves. In any case, I’d rather buy from the farm stands on the sides of the roads or make a driving excursion to the towns just outside of the major farming areas.

We went out to a local farm that rents out canoes on the side. The water was not, uh, pristine. But there were lots of birds, beavers and the like. We had about a 3 hour float, and it was lovely, right up until the last half an hour. The sun finally got intense and we all started to melt in the canoe. 😦 After we cooled off and visited my favorite fabric store, we found a fabulous little park with tons of shade and played a little soccer.

Sunday morning we took the glut of our Gardener’s Market booty and began to bake and bake and bake. We made Cinnamon, raisin, walnut bread from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Um, incredibly yum! Then we realized that we had a half gallon of cream to use up in the next day or two, so we made two batches of blueberry scones, 1 batch of raspberry scones, and one batch of cranberry chocolate scones. We use the recipe in The New Best Recipe and usually add about a 1/3 again more fruit. The trick then becomes figuring out how to make the dough hold onto the fruit. The raspberries seemed too likely to spooge out of the scones while baking, so I mixed the raspberries into the dough on a few and just left the raspberries in the center of a few. No spooge after all and the scones with the raspberries in the middle are almost like a layer of jam. So good.

Now I wish I would have risked letting them all spooge out, especially because the mixed in ones look to me like raw meat. Sigh. The recipe is fab though; It’s the first moist almost cake-like scone recipe that I’ve made, and I adore the scones they yield. Our freezer is now full of scones to grab on a busy morning on the way to work.

After that, we made pepperoni rolls and barbeque chicken pizza. Pepperoni rolls were something we were introduced to at a Texas pizza chain called Double Daves. It’s pizza dough rolled up with provolone and pepperoni and then baked to goldeny goodness.

We finally finished off the cream with a double batch of dark chocolate with peanut butter ice cream made from The Perfect Scoop using the spouse’s new fancy Lello ice cream maker. It’s the kind of ice cream that you can only eat about 1/4 cup of before your taste buds overload on the richness. So that’s also in our freezer 🙂

Happy weekend.