Mum was in town and admired my new bag, so I thought: why not? Purses all around. Ok, so I know it’s a wee-bit on the crazy early side for a trick or treat bag, but Peanut wanted a purse too and I know work is going to be on the crazy side of psycho come October.

I did a little experiment this time around. The original pattern said to use duck cloth or canvas as the interfacing, but I didn’t have any on hand. So I used some flannel as suggested in the Bend-the-Rules Sewing book for the one I did last week. However, I didn’t feel like the bag had quite enough shape to it. So this time, I used pellon fleece interfacing after reading BlueBird Baby’s suggestion to use fusible fleece. I definitely like the feel of these bags better, especially the handles.

See how it really holds it’s shape? Ok… it’s just the purses rear end that is sticking up, but you can see that it is heftier but it doesn’t feel heavier for me to hold.

This is using the same pattern that I hated before. And happily, I’ve modified it enough that it wasn’t as big of a drama this time. I omitted the sad little loop to close the bags on 2 of the 3.  It is just too flimsy and I think it looks odd on this size bag. I’d like some sort of closing mechanism, but I’m not sure which would be best.

And for my first major confession: I’m a sewing weenie=totally pattern dependent. I can make minor modifications. I can figure out pattern mistakes, but I detest trying to make stuff without a pattern. I’m the same way with cooking. It’s sad. But there it is. One of my goals is to branch out so that I can feel more comfortable trying new ideas.