I started this afghan early this summer and finished all of the lovely fringe on it this weekend. It’s for my dearest friend from law school.

It’s made from a pattern from Leisure Arts in one of their a year of afghans books. I rarely do this type of afghan anymore because it doesn’t lend itself to the instant gratification that I seem to require in the way of crafty stuff these days. Every repeat there are six rows of single crochet, which feels like it is taking forever to add any substance to your blanket. See the 2 cream rows, then 2 color rows, then 2 cream rows? They look very flat and would be boring without the color to break them up. The single crochet felt like it went quickly though because the afghan is worked along the length and not along the width (which is fairly uncommon).

And then a double and a picot row each. Lather, rinse repeat. I’ve always thought that picot stitches look a bit like popcorn.

My first textile art love is crochet, but this is the first blanket I’ve done since my first summer of law school. The best part about this particular one is that it’s done three weeks early! I’ve never been able to handle finishing stuff at the last minute. And that little neurosis of mine helped me out a lot in law school.