I just did a tour this week of all the quilting shops in my “area” (read: I drove farther than I’d like to see them all)–my very own shop-hop if you will. And I didn’t buy a thing. Nothing. I almost bought this really beautiful pink fabric with colored flowers with the thought of it becoming another twirly skirt for Peanut, but I couldn’t bring myself to add to my unfinished projects list until I have a better handle on just what is already on that list.

I’m not a “oh that’s precious” kind of gal. Never have been. It astonishes me that I’m into needle arts at all. But I do really enjoy it. It just takes me a while to figure out what types of patterns I like and with what materials. I’m not really a trendy gal either. I love old-fashioned, traditional style quilts. I hate bargello, batiks, and texture trolling. I love the look of classic applique (think Baltimore Albums), but I detest cutesy “countrified” motifs.

I haven’t really sewn in my “new” city even though I’ve been here for several years. I haven’t had the time. So my goal with my little shop hop was to see what’s near me, what the store’s style is, check out the pricing, and to just see what the fabric world has been doing without me. My conclusion is that I will feel 100% guilt-free at buying online from a place that can give me a good discount. All of the stores but two are “cutesy” or “artsy”–meaning if you aren’t a person who can coo over “too precious” fabric or you are a traditionalist, they’ve got nothing for you. And the two that aren’t exactly artsy or cutesy are quite a ways out from my house. And they were just meh, nothing special. I miss my lovely “old” city fabric store. Right down the street from my house, reasonable pricing (not cheap, but not fleecing you either), and a lovely variety of stuff to appeal to all types of quilters. Sigh.