Darcy’s Story is a Pride & Prejudice accompaniment novel, told from Darcy’s perspective.

The story opens with Darcy’s background and a few letters from his sister that give him enough warning to know that he should go to Ramsgate at once. Naturally, once there he stops the elopement with Wickham. I liked this beginning, indeed. I had always thought that was overly-fortuitous that Darcy should appear just in time to stop the elopement, and clearly Ms. Aylmer agrees with me.

Darcy’s Story has been criticized for bringing nothing new to the world of Pride & Prejudice, and I have to disagree. While this is certainly not the best* Darcy’s perspective story that I have ever read, I thought it was pretty good. The author’s goal was to bring to life the hero of Pride and Prejudice and tell the story through his eyes. She quotes a little too much from the book, but I can’t help walking away from this read seeing Darcy as more three-dimensional and understanding a little more than I had before.

It is not written in the style of Austen, which I know bothers many out in the fandom. But it was still reasonably well-written and I don’t expect casual writers (this is Ms. Aylmer’s first publication) to be able to channel Ms. Austen.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a sequel, back story, or what if to Pride and Prejudice, this is clearly not your book. But if you are looking for a fast read with the general flavor of Pride and Prejudice, and don’t have the time or inclination (perish the thought!) to read the original, this story fits the bill.

*The Best Darcy’s Perspective story in my opinion is Pamela Aiden’s trilogy A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, A Gentleman.